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CAYVOL - JWS 160 MXT Skip Loader


Jaws Skip Loaders are designed and manufactured skip-truck equipment by CAYVOL Grup . The range is made up of units under strict compliance with EC regulations, with a lifting capacity from 3 to 18 tons. All are equipped with hydraulic telescopic arms of hexagonal design and manufacturing and independently activated rear support feet.

Likewise standard equipment includes pneumatically activated DIN type balancing hook(s). They are equipped with standard pneumatic controls inside the cabin and hydraulic ones outside for their correct manipulation.

The entire skip loader range is developed using cutting edge systems and computer design programmes and high quality steel with high elasticity limits, that way obtaining reliability and durability at the same time as light weight.


  • Independent telescopic arms (excluding model MCBT-14-16BTI)
  • Fixed arms (MCSB)
  • Version with electrical distributor (vehicles without air) for MCBT-6 model
  • Radio control
  • Special valve system for high speed when empty